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RC ADVENTURES - POKER TTC 2016 - PT 1 - U4 Rally Race Course - 14 Radio Control Trucks

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Click to Subscribe! ► - It is that time again and this is the 6th Top Truck Competition that we have filmed for all of the Radio Control hobbyists of the world to enjoy! What an awesome experience for us, the participants and the viewers. Now, we wanted to change it up this year - and add a few events, and remove a few. Also, we have decided that THiS YEAR is POKER YEAR! We wanted a poker run where participants of the TTC would collect Poker Cards throughout the day.. and on each event - the cards they earned were publicly displayed for all participants the see. The BEST POKER HAND at the end of 6 events - will win first place!
We have done this, so the folks who are operating on a budget, or who had a love for the TTC could come and WiN, no matter what truck they had. Now, by being a Tough Truck Competition - the truck who wins the most cards - has a GREAT ADVANTAGE at winning Many Cards during the day.
The Events will play like this:
1) U4 Rally Race Course (the warm up)
2) Tug of WAR
3) The JUDGE, Sled Pull
5) Obstacle Course (Scale Park)
6) Downhill Mud Bog
First up - the U4 Rally Race Course. To many viewers- this will seem like an easy challenge. Haha :) But, for those who ran this TiME BASED competition - they had to get 3 Laps in, in 3 Minutes - without having 2 of their tires leave the boundary line. If your tires left the boundary line - you are set back at the beginning, and the course lap they were working on, does not count. Careful driving is essential, and course planning is needed. If they complete 3 laps, in 3 minutes, they are awarded a CARD towards their POKER HAND. If they complete 4 Laps - they get a BONUS CARD.
Yes, in the 3 DECKs of Cards, we are using - there are 2 WiLD CARDS!
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