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RC ADVENTURES - Toxic Waste Recovery MIssion- 1/12 Scale 4200 XL Excavator & 8x8 Tipper Truck

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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - The Snow is Deep.. and the RC Imagination is running wild! I have been waiting to do this video for almost 6 months.. and finally I was able to do it! Don't worry! There was NO ACTUAL TOXiC WASTE! It is all a stage, and no environmental hazards were actually present at the time of this filming. We here at the RCSparks Studio take these types of situations very seriously when we are filming on location, and with such dangerous toxic chemicals. HAZMAT was standing by.

This video features the RC4WD 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL, and the 1/14 8x8 Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck. Both are fantastic machines. I have a lot of fun with them :) I hope you enjoy these adventures. There is no limits to an imagination when you can use an RC!

I do have some upgrades done to the 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator. The Bucket is the Siberia Super Duty Bucket: as well I installed the Earth Digger Excavator Brushless Track Upgrade: Kit

The Speed difference in the brushless system is AMAZiNG! Its twice as fast as before. The Upgrade included a new gear set, and motor. The Entire Drive Cog is also included and a rotational brushless connection for the turret. I am very pleased with the upgrade.. and I look forward to warmer days! The hydraulics run slowly in the cold weather. This is due to the Hydraulic fluid being thicker in the cold air. Thus, the Hydraulic pump has to work hard to keep the excavator arm going.

I run the excavator on a GensAce 8500mah 3s Lipo - High Output. The Run time is approximately 1/2 Hour.

You can find Radio Control Construction equipment like the ones in this video at:

Here is some information on the Stock Excavator (Before Upgrades):


100% CNC machined aluminum (except track and hydraulic pump)
Custom 8 channel 2.4Ghz radio
High Intensity Light (Super bright) (3 Watt)
Optimized steel hydraulic system
Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure and seat)
Steel molded tracks (50mm width, 45 grade carbon steel)
Efficient under carriage with tracks
Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump
Heavy duty hoses (OD 4.5mm Nylon, ID 2.5mm)
Bearing based undercarriage design
Undercarriage rotate 360 degrees (endless)
Powder coated in yellow
Massive brushless system (hydraulic)
125A brushless ESC with BEC
350Kv brushless monster torque motor (4130 OutRunner, 6mm shaft)
Neodymium magnets
Belt/track is track is controlled individually
Run time is: 40-50 minutes (6500mAh battery)
Steel machined oil pump (45mm X 30mm X 15.5mm)
Digging force: 15kg/33pounds
Driving speed: 310 meter per hour
Scale: 1:12
Dig depth: 495mm/19.4inch
Height of cabin: 155mm/6.1inch
Length: 1.15meter/45inch
Width: 250mm/9.8inch
Height: 840mm/33inch
Deadweight: 20kg/44lbs

Where I get my RC's:

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