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RC ADVENTURES - TTC 2015 - SWAMP RUN / TANK TRAP - Tough Truck Challenge

Click to Subscribe! ► - Event #4 is the SWAMP RUN / Tank Trap! 15 Trucks test their might against a sloppy swamp. This is a timed event, with penalties being awarded for each gate marker the trucks touch. In this event, the trucks are tested for "waterproof ability", as they are almost over their hoods with dirty muck. Each vehicle has a certain time limit (example, 2.2 sized tires have 4 minutes to make it through the course, while 1.9 have 5 minutes).
Are you ready for some action?! Then let's get started!
The rules are simple. This event is based on Time and Distance Travelled. If a drivers truck touches a "Gate Marker", they are given +10 second penalty added to their total time. If they have to touch their truck, +10 seconds is added to their time. In certain areas they can have 10 seconds removed if they complete the task that is required (example, passing a harder gate).
The goal is to get the farthest, in the quickest time.
Some crawlers will finish to the end, and some will get many Penalties. Who will be the over all winner?!
Thank you to my camera crew and to the volunteers who helped make this event possible. It really is fantastic to see so many people having an amazing time with the hobby of radio control!
I encourage folks viewing this video to consider holding their own events, big - or small. 5 Trucks can make a TTC possible.. so why not consider it! Meet new friends, grow your RC family - and experience a sense of community!
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TTC 2015 Event #3 "The ROCK RUN":
TTC 2015 Event #4 " SWAMP RUN / Tank Trap":
A lot of folks ask me about the giant race tracks on my property. If you would like to see the beasts that rips those tracks - click here:
For everyone who would like to follow along with the show, please subscribe and support our efforts! We will always have you entertained with radio control goodness.
Where I get my RC Products Locally:
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