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Rediscovery Petaling Street, Peanut Pancake on Wheels

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Pancakes are multi-racial and international. Every country has their own different pancake recipes. The Malaysian Traditional Pancake is popularly known as 'Apam Balik' which means 'Turnover Pancake'. It gets its name from the way it is folded over when it is taken out from the special brass pan when it is cooked. The traditional 'Apam Balik' is filled with ground peanuts, sugar and sweet corn. It is a favourite Malaysian street food and makes a delicious snack and delightful desserts.
This particular fellow sells his ‘Apam Balik’ cooked over charcoal instead of the usual gas stove. He can be found standing next to his trusty mobile motorbike station at the junction of Petaling Street and Jalan Hang Lekir. Looking at his motorbike and the wooden chopping board (which incidentally is ‘sagging’ in the middle), one can’t help but realize the years he’s been selling ‘Apam Balik’ in his unique way.
If you’re at Petaling Street, don’t forget to give it a try and pack some home…
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