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Ryan Seacrest CAUGHT Making Creepy Comments To Katy Perry On Camera

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Is it just me or were you a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable during this exchange too?
Welp, things got slightly awkward on American Idol this past Sunday when Ryan Seacrest had a fairly interesting conversation with Katy Perry at the judges table during a commercial break.
As American Idol was transitioning from their break and back into the show, Ryan was seen and heard on camera complimenting Katy’s mom which makes since the episode aired on Mother’s Day. Anyway, the conversation seemed to be pretty harmless between Ryan and Katy until, well, things took a very interesting turn.
This whole interaction definitely got super awkward after that and once you thought it couldn’t get worse…it kinda did when Katy asked Ryan if they were professionals after that awkward banter that happened between them on camera.
Yikes. Well, whether or not Ryan was joking, the whole thing was definitely a little tone-deaf. Especially since Ryan was accused of sexual abuse and harassment by a former E! stylist not too long ago AND not to mention Ryan and Katy are also reportedly in relationships with other at the moment, so…yeah.
What did you guys think of Ryan’s comments? Do you think Katy handled the situation well or should she have outright told him that the conversation was getting weird? Let me know all your thoughts on this in the comment section below. When you’re done with that click right over here to find out how Kylie Jenner shut down all those baby daddy rumors. Thanks so much for hanging with me on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your girl Zoe Lillian, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time!
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