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Scream Queens NEW Promo Gives First Look at "Hannibal Hester"

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There’s a new Scream Queens promo and it’s giving us all some major chills. Plus, we get a sneak peek at what’s going to happen to Lea Michele’s character, Hester.
She’s back and ready to play. And with a new nickname too.
If you’re a fan of Scream Queens, then you know the promo’s they’ve been releasing just keep getting better and better. And now, Fox’s latest teaser for season two, is giving us all our first glimpse of Lea Michele’s, psychotic character.
Yikes. This is some seriously creepy stuff here. Did you see that evil stare?? Apparently the best way for Dean Munsch to deal with Hester’s serial-killer impulses is to put a Hannibal Lector mask on her, tie her up, and hope for the best. I mean she WAS just outed as the Red Devil killer!
Lea took to social media Wednesday sharing the clip with the hashtag Hannibal Hester. Creating a new nickname that is seriously going viral. Plus, she also posted this pic holding a knife to her hair, captioning the photo, “I’m so excited about my storyline this year! Can’t wait for September.”
Honestly, I kind of feel bad for Lea. In the first season she had to wear a neck brace, and now a brown mask that covers half of her face?! But she DOES do a pretty awesome job portraying Hester…so we really can’t complain.
The promo also highlights Chanel being wheeled through the dimly lit hospital halls by Zayday, who looks like she’s in charge and on a mission.
Plus, the new eye-candy, aka doctors played by Taylor Lautner and John Stamos are seen pushing Chanel number’s 3 and 5 into private rooms, giving us all a little hint that there will DEFINITELY be a few hook-ups around the hospital.
Okay, that confirms it. I cannot wait until the season two premiere. I want to know what you guys thought about the latest teaser right down here in the comments section below. Plus, let me know how excited are you to find out what will happen with Hannibal Hester? You can find me on all the socials, @SineaddeVries. Then, click right over here to find out how well fire cupping works on beauty trippin’ and be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thanks for hanging here on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead deVries. See you guys next time!
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