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Sg Lima Village, Pulau Ketam, Turned Red On 9th Day Of CNY 巴生吉胆岛五條港虾米鄉拜天公

The Hokkein community of Sg Lima Village on Pulau Ketam had a big blast on the 9th day of the new lunar new year.This video captured the not often seen way of festivity that the small isolated community here go about. The streets from the jetty to the main alleyways are lined with a long stretch of fireworks and when on cue the entire blast wakes up the whole village with thunderous sound and smoke. Of course, prayers are performed by the residents in a communal fashion. Indeed, some folks continue their celebratory mood with a round of mahjong with their friends and neighbours. When the sun rises the next morning, you can see that the streets are all coloured red. Like clockwork, the residents do their clean up and life goes on as normal. 
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