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Sungai Lima ladies show how traditional honeycomb cookies are made. 巴生五條港渔村锋窩餅制作过程

A short detour from the pier at Bagan Sungai Lima off Pulau Ketam unveils an interesting discovery. Here in this video we see local ladies busy, and carefully, preparing a traditional cookie for the coming Chinese New Year. The cookie is called honeycomb cookie or kuih loyang (or rosette cookie) as it is moulded in the shape of a honeycomb. Watch the video and see how these ladies meticulously prepare the simple ingredients of various flours, eggs, santan and sesame seeds and submerge the dough in hot oil. It seems simple but the entire process takes patience and practice and the temperature of the oil has to be just right.
The resulting cookie is sweet tasting, crispy, crunchy and melts in the mouth. If you have not tried this traditional cookie make it an effort to try it or make it yourself this Chinese New Year.
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