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Thai chicken fried with red curry paste recipe (วิธีทำ ไก่ผัดพริกแกง gai pad prik gaeng)

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Gai pad prik gaeng (วิธีทำ ไก่ผัดพริกแกง), or chicken fried with red curry paste, is one of my favorite Thai street food recipes. Here's the full recipe:

There are many amazing Thai street food dishes to eat and to cook, but one of my personal go-to dishes is something known as gai pad prik gaeng (วิธีทำ ไก่ผัดพริกแกง), a stir fry of chicken and red curry paste. It's one of my personal favorites, and I like to think of it as a dry curry, or a curry where all the flavor is caked onto the meat. You could make this gai pad prik gaeng recipe with any kind of meat of your choice, my favorites are with chicken, shrimp, or squid, but even beef or pork would work just fine too.

The main component of this Thai chicken fried with red curry paste recipe (วิธีทำ ไก่ผัดพริกแกง gai pad prik gaeng), is the Thai red curry paste. That's really what gives the entire dish its flavor, and that's really one of the only things you need besides the chicken, in order to make this dish. For the full recipe for Thai red curry paste, check out this video: You could also buy Thai red curry paste in a can or in a tub, but let me tell you that it's so much better when you make it fresh - freshly pounding all the ingredients yourself makes all the difference in flavor when you make this Thai recipe - so if you can, make your red curry paste fresh.

Ok, so here are the ingredients you'll need to make this gai pad prik gaeng recipe (วิธีทำ ไก่ผัดพริกแกง):

300 grams , or about 1.5 chicken breasts
3 strands of Chinese long beans (or about ⅓ cup of chopped string beans)
3 - 5 kaffir lime leaves
3 tablespoons Thai red curry paste (recipe here: )
1 teaspoon fish sauce
½ teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon oil for frying

Again, this Thai recipe is really simple to make, as long as you have some Thai red curry paste available. Then all you have to do is slice up your meat, and stir fry everything up, and you'll have an extremely tasty Thai stir fried curry dish. Along with the chicken and the red curry paste, one of the most important ingredients in my opinion is kaffir lime leaves. It's not an absolute must that you need to include them, but it really adds an extra dimension of wonderful flavor if you tear in some kaffir limes leaves into your gai pad prik gaeng. The kaffir limes leaves give the entire dish a nice lime refreshing boost of flavor.

I like to eat my gai pad prik gaeng (ไก่ผัดพริกแกง) with a fresh plate of steamed rice, and often a fried egg on the side.

Full recipe here:

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