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The Bachelor Season 19 Finale Recap & Shocking New Bachelorettes!

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And fiiinnnalllyyy after the 19th season of the Bachelor, filled with corn-shucking, questionable panic attacks, fake Kim Kardashians and far too many makeout scenes than we signed up for, Chris Soules, AKA Prince Farming, has finally chosen his lucky bride-to-be!
So the season finale of The Bachelor dragged on for 3 hours, but of course we all stuck around to watch the entire thing, because what else do you have to do on a Monday night? The episode began with the two remaining women, fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff and chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley, bearing the awkward meet-the-parents visit with Chris’ family.
And SPOILER ALERT guys, after Chicago-native Whitney’s multiple attempts at making it clear she was so excited to immediately settle down and start a family, while practically waving her uterus at Chris and his family throughout the entire season finale, he finally chose Whitney as his new bride-to-be.
BUT that decision didn’t come as easy for Chris as he had hoped, and by the looks of it, San Diego native Becca (who probably wouldn’t last a day in Arlington, population 7) seemed to be in the lead for a while. And I would like to point out that Becca seemed to be the only normal contestant by a long-shot after a shocking revelation to Chris’ family, which is probably why he was so hesitant:
You just can’t beat beauty and brains, guys! After both women met Chris’ family and sat down with Chris’ mom, aka the love guru, the family adored both girls. Chris then got to spend time with each of them, but did it seem weird to anyone else that Whitney got an actual date, filled with corn shucking and big green tractors, and Becca only got a game of 20 questions in the hotel room…?
During Becca’s hotel room date, her uncertainty continued as she told Chris she couldn’t make any promises about their future, probably because, well, Arlington. And it’s safe to say both Chris and Becca’s thoughts on a future together became very clear during the final rose ceremony, which lacked any tears, extravagant tropical settings or central heating systems.
Becca arrived first, dressed in a long-sleeved red velvet dress (that just made us crave a red velvet cupcake, to be honest) in Chris’ family’s barn in the middle of Iowa. To be fair, the barn was decked to the nines with beautiful lighting and fancy décor, but it was both of their demeanors that practically screamed, “We know this ain’t gonna work out.” She handled the rejection with poise (and a surprising smile) and off she went.
As Whitney showed up shaking like a polaroid pitcchaaa, in a blue velvet long sleeved dress, the smile on Chris’ face showed it all. After they both expressed their love for each other, he got down on one knee and presented her with the classic Neil Lane ROCK, and of course she accepted that AND the final rose.
During the After The Final Rose segment, a beaming Whitney and Chris (again, with the PDA Chris…) were still engaged, but have not yet made any official wedding plans yet. So cheers to the happy couple! BUTTTT, the real shocker of the evening, was that Chris’ Harrison actually wasn’t lying when he said there would be huge shock… Instead of announcing who the next Bachelorette will be, between Britt and Kaitlyn, major PLOT TWIST, guys! BOTH of the girls will be the next Bachelorettes and the traditional 25 contestants will have to choose who they want to date… I don’t know about you guys, but I thought signing up to be the Bachelorette meant NO more competition....
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