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The Vampire Diaries OVER After Season 6? Say It Ain't SO!

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Hold on, the Vampire Diaries is ending after season 6? Wait minute, is this actually true. Well, my fellow fans, let’s all be calm, take a seat, and yes, I’m afraid I have to tell you to grab your tissue too, because it was actually Ian Somerhalder – aka Damon Salvatorre – who sparked this story. Ian revealed this to Digital Spy after being asked how long he thinks the show will go on – QUOTE – It very well could be our last season, I think now that there’s a finality to it, everyone’s really realizing that this is an important time in our lives. We created some very cool storytelling.” As you guys all know, season 6 kicks off next month in October, and I’m sort of starting to freak out thinking that this could be it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, six seasons of any show is awesome, but I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet! So what does show-runner Julie Plec have to say about this whole thing, because at the end of the day, she is the mastermind and the one in charge. A few months back, Plec told E! News that she thinks the show will go on as long as the actors want it to. She added that there are already plans for season six and seven, and the big bosses actually are ready for seasons 8,9 and 10, but now the only question is – do the actors want to continue doing the show or do they want to spread their wings? Obviously Ian Somerhalder is very passionate about his organization ISF and Nina Dobrev has been working on tons of movie projects in her off time, while the rest of the cast is involved in a ton of different endeavors…so I guess only time will tell, but I need to hear from you guys. You are the ultimate fans of the show, and you know I’m right there with you, so what are you hoping for? And if this is in fact the final season of The Vampire Diaires, how are you feeling about that? Hit the comments section below to have your voice heard and click here to see our rundown of the hottest vampires of all time and yes, don’t worry, a TVD fave has definitely made the cut. I’m Joslyn Davis have a great weekend!

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