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Tokyo Ramen Street | The Best Ramen in Tokyo?

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In this video we take you to Tokyo Ramen Street in search of the best ramen Tokyo has to offer (at least to our taste buds)!
Tokyo Ramen Street is an area in an underground shopping centre beneath Tokyo Station, where you can find eight restaurants specializing in ramen dishes.
How this project came about is that the train station invited the best ramen shops in Tokyo to open up a location, and they all agreed! Perfect for any hungry foodies passing through the station.
The eight ramen restaurants found on Tokyo Ramen Street are:
1) Rokurinsha - famous for their thick tsukemen-style noodles served with a dipping sauce.
2) Oreshiki Jun - specializing in tonkotsu ramen.
3) Tanmen Tonari - a healthy ramen option with lots of stir-fried vegetables.
4) Ikaruga - they have spicy ramen as well as a 3-cheese ramen.
5) Senmon Hirugao - home to thin salt ramen noodles.
6) Soranoiro Nippon - serving Edo-style chuka-soba as well as vegan options.
7) Kizo - offering shio ramen with Sendai beef tongue.
8) Chiyogami - made with chuka-soba noodles and a clear broth.
We ended up eating at #3 "Ikaruga" where I went for the mildest of the spicy ramen, and well, it had some kick to it! I thought my ramen was delicious and would highly recommend it to all you ramen lovers out there!
Now, how to find Tokyo Ramen Streer?
That's a little bit tricky in such a massive train station, but here are some directions to get you on your way. Look for the Yaesu Central or South Exit and follow the signs all the way through the station. Eventually you'll come to another sign pointing towards Tokyo Ramen Street - and if not, you can always ask a local to point you in the right direction!
Since Tokyo Station is a major hub, there are always lots of hungry commuters passing through, so as you can imagine it gets quite busy - particularly during lunch and dinner hours. Since Tokyo Ramen Street has become very popular so you can expect to find a line of customers waiting outside the restaurant. Just buy your ticket from the vending machine and then join the queue!
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This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.
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