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Trailer:Zhang Jianing and Gao Zhiting Embark on a Romance | Small Town Stories | 小城故事多 | iQIYI

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【Introduction】Mu Di, A female graduate student specializing in suona in Beijing, loses the opportunity to enter the national troupe due to illness and is forced to return to her hometown for recuperation. There, she encounters Bai Lang, the owner of a planning company in the small town. Despite their contrasting personalities and backgrounds, they transition from strangers to sincere collaborators, mutually transforming each other. The story they experience in this small town is like a flavorful dish. Or you can say it resembles a bustling roadside stall mixed with happiness and tears. Different people can experience the charm, warmth, and myriad facets of life in this story in different ways.

【Cast】Zhang Jianing,Gao Zhiting,Wu Xingjian,Song Jiateng,Zhurui,Lv Xiaoyu

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