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Ubud Monkey Forest - Bali, Indonesia

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A tourist attraction to consider when visiting Bali is the Ubud Monkey Forest. A nature reserve complex with over 600 monkeys spread out over 27 acres featuring a Holy Spring Bathing Temple and a Cremation Temple.

We're in Bali and this morning we are visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest. Now I'm slightly terrified about this attraction because the monkeys are not afraid of humans. They do not have any predators here in the park and they are also very used to tourists coming through and feeding them bananas. I've heard stories of monkeys just jumping on people's heads on their backs. There have been cases of monkeys biting. Fingers crossed that we do not get attacked today.

I was in Bali in 2008 and I did visit this place and I was attacked. The problem was that I was too close to one of the baby monkeys and an Alpha male didn't like that. It ran up to me with like superhuman animal agility and just took a big bite on my leg. Today my goal is no bites.

Some tips for visiting the monkey forest: I would actually recommend coming later in the day when there is more people here. I think there is safety in numbers. Sam and I came here as soon as the park opened and we were one of the first people in. It was honestly kind of scary walking down the paths and just being surrounded by monkeys with no one to protect you. So, safety in numbers people!

To visit the monkey forest it cost 20,000 Rupiah and if you want to feed the monkeys - or have a park guide - both are available for an additional fee. We found that we just enjoyed going around by ourselves and that was good enough for us.

If you're not afraid of monkeys I think it is kind of a cool attraction to visit - especially if you're staying in the town of Ubud. However, I'm not so sure I would recommend people drive all the way in if they are elsewhere in Bali.

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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).
Dokumentari - Documentary
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