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United Sikhs concerned non-Malays portrayed as villains in 'Mat Kilau'

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The Malaysian chapter of United Sikhs has expressed concern that the new hit film ‘Mat Kilau’ may cause religious and racial misunderstanding.

While expressing appreciation for the film’s attempt to portray Malay struggles against British imperialism, United Sikhs said it was regretful that those from other races and religions were portrayed as villains.

“We believe this can lead to racial disharmony. In particular, we note that turbaned Sikhs who were British soldiers in the movie were portrayed to have laid hands on old folks, children, and helpless citizens. These parts were added by the producers to make a compelling storyline.

“The Sikh code of practice prohibits laying their hands on old folk, children, women and helpless citizens, even during a war.

“Whilst the controversial scenes in the movie were fictional, it is distasteful and hurts the sentiments of Sikhs,” the group said.
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