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This truck is one of my favourite RC's in my collection. It is HUGE, has MASSIVE TIRES and in general - has PRESENCE. This is the PRIMAL RC Raminator 1/5th scale Monster Truck - that is Gas Powered. It comes with a stock 49cc gas engine.. but as I have discovered a surprising small exhaust pipe for what it's supposed to do. Don't get me wrong... after 6 or 7 tanks of gas through this truck.. the thing RIPS.. but you are still left wanting "a little bit more" speed. TMR PERFORMANCE () had the answer to my issue for speed.. and kindly sent me one of the original 5 engines that were modified for this truck. I was SO EXCITED to get it in the truck, that I bypassed doing an install video.. and wanted to surprise my viewers! But to my surprise.. upon install.. the engine seemed to be lacking power. Less power than when I used the stock engine.
I continued to tune the engine.. and although the engine seemed to be providing a bit more power.. it seemed to be revving very high.. but not going anywhere fast. This was confusing to me, and I immediately contacted Alan, the man behind TMR Performance modified engines. He was super helpful in trying to troubleshoot my issues. We had decided it was having an issue with the clutch shoes burning out.. and possibly not getting enough airflow through the constricted stock pipe. In this video.. I look at the difference between a normal 34cc engine pipe, and the 49cc engine pipe that comes stock. Then I look at the prototype pipe that TMR had sent me to use.. an "old" version of their Newest Pipe.. soon to hit the market.
Watch along.. and see what I find.. I am interested to know more. I am 3800' above sea level, where I am located.. and this engine is supposed to run 50:1 mixture. Being the winter time.. this may be a challenge to tune.. but shouldnt be. Alan has mentioned the carb he put on this engine is for a 60cc.. as it was just the right balance of power for the setup he designed.
We will get this truck ripping.. and I can hardly wait!
Standard Features
Six Piece Modular 5mm thick CNC Aluminum chassis
49cc 4 bolt 2 stroke reed valve 2 stroke pull start engine with remote engine kill switch!
Large 12 inch long high volume CNC Aluminum body coil over dual spring shocks
Adjustable aluminum 4 link suspension with steel heim joint ends
Large 78mm Centrifugal Clutch
All Steel HD drive train and double chain driven single speed transfer case with counter rotating drive shafts
5 different interchangeable gear ratios to choose from.
Heavy Duty CNC Aluminum modular Axles
Front and rear CNC cased oil filled torque control differentials for awesome on road or off road performance
Huge 12"x7.5" High traction tires mounted on 24mm hex bead-lock Nylon rims with inner tire foams
Tuned pipe for maximum performance and sound
Front and Rear Sway bars
Dual Steering Servos with inter grated adjustable servo saver system with steel heim joints
Front and Rear axle mounted mechanical disc brakes
Strong Plastic roll cage and Strong 2 piece Poly carbonate body shell with detailed interior and Raminator Sticker Sheet
Radio controlled reverse feature
Strong CNC Aluminum parts used just about everywhere in this truck!
Ball bearings used throughout the entire vehicle
Large 1200cc Fuel Tank for super long run times (a few hours!)
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