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Where Did Apam Balik Originate From?

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Authentic Apam Balik (Turnover Pancake) Found In Sg. Long.
Here's a video that shows you one of the most authentic apam balik (turnover pancake0 that Manaweblife have ever seen and tasted. This stall in Sg Long' s morning market has been  manned by Mr Chua for over 20 years and there are reasons why his stall has survived the test of time. Firstly, he says his creations are as original as it can be and he uses brown sugar instead of raw sugar and his batter is a perfect mix of flour, coconut milk,eggs and water. For viewer's knowledge apam balik actually originated from Fujian in China during the mid 1800s. It is credited to one General Tsu who made these pancakes as simple food for his soldiers without interfering the lives of the locals during war times. This pancake then followed the Hokkien migrants across South East-Asia, including Malaysia. So now you know. Come taste this truly authentic and 'original recipe' apam balik  at Mr Chua's stall !
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