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Who's The Black Thorn Durian World Champion? 廖石乾 - ”黑刺”榴莲冠军

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他在八歲開始就跟随父亲到山上顧果園,在衆多水果中,他最喜欢研究榴槤。上品”黑剌”其樹龄一般要超过二十年, 同时也需要时间醖醸栽培。
慕名”黑刺”榴莲而耒的香港美食作家蔡灡, 一親芳澤, 惊喜若狂,讚不绝口,也停不了口,他一口氣吃了超過十核的”黑刺”和”猫山王”,”黑刺”味道濃郁,口感好,肉质飽满,非常好吃,加上其樹齢不同, 还形容”黑剌”是法国女人,”猫山王”是意大利女人,  各有千秋, 两个他都爱。

This video takes you to Penang to meet Mr Leow, the Champion of Black Thorn durian in Malaysia. Listen to his conversation about how the name Black Thorn came about and how to differentiate Black Thorn and Musang King durians. He takes you to his farm and shows you the bud-grafted Black Thorn durian tree that is over 30 years old and still producing fruits. Mr Leow shows us in Sungai Baong in Penang the original spot where the Black Thorn was bud-grafted. Watch the entire video and you will surely learn something new about this King of Fruits.
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