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YouTube GOLD Eps 6 - Things don’t go according to plan… | RC ADVENTURES

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I have ordered some equipment for the #YouTubeGold Mine. Without the equipment, there is no way for me to reach my season goal of 1/2 OZ. I have been awaiting a delivery since last Wednesday, and I am told it will arrive this morning... but I know UPS Freight.. and this may not go according to plan. Thank goodness I have my RC skid steer near by, where I was able to offload the 500lb deliver. The trucker did not have a tail gate that lowered.. and I knew this skid steer would save the day.
While I wait, I modify the Shaker. The multi-levels are not necessary the way I want to run the plant.. so I remove the entire third separating table. I also install a new conveyer belt.. and finally bring the entire wash plant together.
I keep my hopes up that I will be sluicing by this afternoon..
A lot of folks think that I am building a miniature mine site.. and in some ways I certainly am. I am building a scaled down version of a mine site.. that can ACTUALLY GET GOLD! YouTubeGOLD is a parody series based around the GOLD Shows of TV that we all know and love. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold all of these are shows that my family enjoy seeing!
I have always known that making a GOLD MINE would be possible with RC models.. and finally I get to realize this dream.
For More info on the TROMMEL or the SHAKER please click here:
Email: [email protected]
FB: https: //www.facebook.com/loc.nam.338
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