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YouTube GOLD Eps. 8 - 58lb BULL DOZER D10 RiPS ME a NEW ONE! RC4WD 1/14 scale DXR2 | RC ADVENTURES

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Will the real Ben Dozer please Roll Out?! What a Behemoth. In this episode of #YouTubeGOLD, the first thing I need to do is master the controls in order to get a good cut. My son has now coined #DieselToots as a new explanation of the exhaust system. I need to get some stick time if I am going to clear enough dirt for me to reach my 1/2 oz goal this season. I have a lot riding on this 1/2 oz, and I have already spent a ton of money getting this gold mining operation up and running. There is no shortage of equipment repairs, learning curves, and practice that goes into a huge operation like this.. and if we don't get over those, and start sluicing soon.. we are going to be in trouble.
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I hope you have been enjoying YouTube GOLD! Now.. it is time to get to work.. and move some dirt. Im hunting gold.. like a retriever hunts a dead duck.. Ill sniff it out.. and put it in the sluice box!
A lot of folks think that I am building a miniature mine site.. and in some ways I certainly am. I am building a scaled down version of a mine site.. that can ACTUALLY GET GOLD! YouTubeGOLD is a #Parody series based around the GOLD Shows of TV that we all know and love. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold all of these are shows that my family enjoy seeing!
I have always known that making a GOLD MINE would be possible with RC models.. and finally I get to realize this dream.
A lot of viewers ask me questions about the products I use in my videos, and I have learned to pass along this info in my video descriptions. I hope it helps if you are curious about this Dozer.
From the RC4WD Website:
1/14 Scale DXR2 Hydraulic Earth Dozer - RC4WD
"The Earth Dozer DXR2 is an amazing marvel in engineering and function. It offers remarkable adjustments to the bucket to allow for those demanding jobs. In case you have some hard pack that needs work, the rear ripper will shred though anything in its path. This Dozer is ready to do work and comes fully assembled.
Alloy Zinc and Alloy Aluminum Casting (except Track and Hydraulic Pump)
Weld Steel Bucket
9 Channel 2.4GHZ Radio
Heavy Duty Hoses (OD 3.2mm Nylon, ID 2.2mm)
Main Heavy Duty Hoses (OD 4mm Nylon, ID 2.5mm)
Optimized Steel Hydraulic System
Reliable Hydraulic Valve and Adjustable Pump
Brushless Hydraulic System
Full Metal Scale
All Terrain Metal Crawler
540 Brushed Monster Torque Motor
Full Metal Transmission (1:256 Gear Ratio)
Run Time is: 38 Minutes (5300mAh Battery)
Chrome Steel Oil Pump (47.5mm x 35mm x 36mm)
Bucket Capacity: 494949 mm_
Maximum Bucket Force (Down): 76kg / 167pounds
Maximum Bucket Force (Up): 50kg / 110pounds
Maximum Bucket Force (Thrust): 50kg / 110pounds
Driving Speed: 408 Meter Per hour
Scale: 1:14
Length: 27in / 685mm
Width: 13.8in / 351mm
Height: 12.7in / 323mm
Bucket Height: 6.87in / 174.6mm
Maximum Bucket Up and Down Angle: 29 degrees
Maximum Bucket Tilt Angle (Left and Right): 9 degrees
Maximum Ripper Depth of the Ground: 1.97in / 50mm
Total Mass Load: 37kg / 82LBs
Operating Oil Pressure: 25Bar, 362.5psi
Dead Weight: 26kg / 57LBs
Manufactured by JDCustoms
30 Days Limited Warranty"
"1 Million Views Club":
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