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YouTube GOLD - the Quest For 3/4 ozt (s2 e8) | RC ADVENTURES

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We are caught in a weather Vortex! It's like we have all 4 seasons swirling around us, testing to see if we are truly serious about our search for 3/4 of an ounce of GOLD this year. $50,000 worth of equipment is being sacrificed on the mine-site so we can get extract biggest payout yet.. but mother nature has different plans.
The wind and the rain are coming down hard.. and soon enough.. the time to mine will be over. We are shorthanded today, but that doesn't stop us from firing up the plants.. and doing our best to move as many mirco-yards as possible. There is no way to actually achieve our goal. then to actually put the time in.. and washing the dirt.
Thankfully, earlier in the month I contacted to be better fitted with a GOLD SHAKER RECOVERY Table. The table will act as an Active Sluice Box separating the rocks, sand, black sand and GOLD! The "911 Metallurgist" company has been around to help small sized mining operations, as well as the MONSTER FULL SIZE Plants, but truly specialize in processing equipment, consulting and engineering, as well as Ore Lab Test Work. I'm beginning to think that I should send them a sample of my Alberta's soil, so they can predict how much gold-grams-per-meter, we have.
In previous episodes, we must be losing Gold in our recovery process - so a proper table should help get some of that back.
Now we just seem to be losing it to the "Safety Inspector" who always seems to show up .. right when we are cleaning the GOLD..
Now, on a serious note - "YouTube Gold" is a 100% #Parody of the popular Gold Shows we see on TV such as #goldrush, yukon gold and others.. Yes, we are mining real gold.. and yes, we are full grown men using tiny machines to mine the gold.
There is irony in all of what you see.. and of course.. it's all choreographed. THiS IS THE INTERNET.. #Canadian Do not believe everything you see.. #trending
Most everything is staged, such as scenarios, acting out our characters, comedy.. etc.. In fact, we are not even working for efficiency, as we are a group of hobbyists who are more interested in entertaining our audience.. than "actually getting gold". Being an RC show, we use as many RC's as possible to achieve this. Again, all we are doing is goofing off for a good Saturday of fun. Many folks ask us what our wives think.. Well, I suggest you watch more of our channel so you can meet our families.. #fullsupport !
A few of the things that are not staged is our friendship, the laughter, camaraderie, and of course.. THE GOLD! (Yes, it's real pay dirt). The true Gold is the experience we get as friends, what we hope the viewers get watching a group of goofballs entertain them with some very cool toys. One mans hobby, is another's entertainment on YouTube!

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