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12 Most Shocking TV Character Deaths

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Saying good bye to TV characters is never an easy task, especially when it happens on your favorite shows.
I mean we get it, death on TV is bound to happen and on some shows it’s even expected – American Horror Story, anyone? – BUT there are other times a character’s demise has totally caught us off guard. So right now we’re bringing you 12 of TV’s most jaw-dropping character deaths. And if we’re being honest – we haven’t fully recovered from most of these just yet. Oh, and if the whole CHARACTER DEATH thing didn’t tip you off, there are going to be spoilers ahead. So don’t say we didn’t warn you.
1. Mona from PLL
2. James Novak from Scandal
3. Hershel Greene from The Walking Dead
4. The Stark Family from Game of Thrones
5. Marissa Cooper from The OC
6. JT from Degrassi
7. Brian Griffin from Family Guy
8. Uncle Keith from One Tree Hill
9. Alaric/Damon The Vampire Diaries
10. Alison from Teen Wolf
11. Finn from Glee
12. Denny from Grey's Anatomy
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