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60 KG. CURRY For Donation with CHEF GAGGAN - Street Food in Bangkok for Good!

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Huge thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who helped!
Chef Gaggan:
Street food is something that unites us - we love to eat street food, and more importantly, we love the people behind street food. #streetfood #Bangkok #Thailand
What if we could do a Bangkok street food take-over, Gaggan and his team of chefs would cook, we’d organize a pop-up event, and we’d donate the money directly to a food vendor in need?
4 days later, it was happening!
Mae Roti - Her Story: About 10 years ago her husband passed away, and she has raised and supported her 5 kids by selling roti (now selling with her daughter). As soon as we tasted her roti, we knew it was special (green roti), and Chef Gaggan immediately began thinking of what curry it would pair well with.
60 KG. of Beef Rendang Curry - Rendang curry is among the best curries and best single dishes in the world, and thanks to the amazing Chef Rydo (), he along with Chef Gaggan cooked up 60 kg. Of some of the world’s best rendang. It was so incredibly good, so fragrant, rich, full of spice, and it was the perfect accompaniment to fresh hot green pandan roti!
Thank you for your help and support and for coming out in Bangkok. We hope to do events like this, to promote and to support more food vendors.
Mae Roti - You’ll find Mae Roti selling her green pandan rotis in Bangrak, on Soi 50, just outside of Robinson Department store at 4 pm. Right about here:
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