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Ask Me Anything #3 - ANSWERS! | Cupcake Jemma


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Well you asked, and I answered! It's a long one guys, I'm sorry. I just wanted to answer as many of your questions as possible. So, to help you out if you're in a rush, I have put the questions and the times they appear below so you can skip my waffling! Thanks so much for so many brilliant questions. This one was super fun!
0:32 - Has there ever been anything you made and didn't like but said you liked for the camera?
1:18 - Can you show us your husband to be? And also, you promised us a tour of the Soho bakery and we're still waiting...
* Here's a link to the C&D HQ Tour Video to keep you going! - *
2:27 - What did your boyfriend get you for Christmas?
4:36 - What is your favourite savoury food to bake?
5:35 - How old are you?
6:00 - What do you do in your spare time?
7:53 - When did you start baking?
9:03 - Do you plan on making your own wedding cake?
10:03 - What is the process of coming up with new recipes?
11:41 - Have you ever used store bought goods and claimed them as your own
12:39 - As a business woman, what has been the most difficult part of setting up a business and do you believe that social media has played a significant role in your success?
16:06 - Why did you cut your hair?
16:26 - Where is your favourite place to clothes shop? Are you a more online or IRL shopper?
19:57 - If you had a gun pointed to your head and were told to say which baked food you would eat every day, what would it be?
21:00 - What did you study at Uni to become a baker?
21:33 - What do you think would be more beneficial, doing a 1 year long baking program at college or finding an internship at a bakery?
23:56 - If you'd had another career, what would it have been?
25:50 - How do you make and store cakes that are custom orders, do you make them fully with decorations or without? What's the process of having to make a cake a week in advance?
28:35 - How do you recommend splitting a cupcake recipe in half if I don't have to make a lot?
30:00 - I'd love to know your favourite cookbooks! Which do you turn to for inspiration?
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CAKESTAGRAM: @crumbsanddoilies
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