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Cloe Wilder "I don't wanna" Talks Bryce Xavier As Love Interest In The Music Video!! | Hollywire

11.11 Single Day
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Hollywire is at Cloe Wilder's music video release party at World of Fruit!! She tells us all about what her new single "I don't wanna" means to her, the process of making the song and video with a few new famous friends like Bryce Xavier and Mikey Tua. Cloe is a singer song-writer from Florida making music here in LA. Her favorite thing to do is make music and shoot content for her music. She often does covers of some of her favorite artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey. Cloe is up and coming and extremely talented. This music video release party will be one of many and we can't wait to tag along for more!
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