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Dr Mahathir: Malays will continue to be poor if they don't work hard

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Blaming the other races would not solve issues faced by the Malays, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.
In a blog post today, he said the Malays should realise that they are in their predicament today because they did not want to work, unlike the others including foreigners who are now thronging the country for jobs.
"The Malays should have realised what has happened to them. But sadly they still haven't. Until today the Malays still haven't realised. They still don't want to work.
"The Malays continue to leave all the hard work to be done by foreigners, and the foreigners are now flooding our country. Seven million foreigners are here today. They are working.
"What will happen to the Malays? Surely what had happened before this to the country and to the Malays would continue.
"There are those who claimed that the Malays are the 'tuan' (masters of the country). What masters? The poor, unskilled, and depending on the mercy of others, are they the tuan?," Mahathir said in the blog post titled 'Tak Bekerja' (unemployed).
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