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I have never seen this before and I think its a must see for all entry level and advanced hobbyists: this is a GAME CHANGER for the trail trucking world. Now you can literally be your own Driving Partner. (Heads up on pricing - I am in Canada)
This kind of technology can change the entire hobby as a whole. For years I have been filming and operating two Radio Controlled (RC) trucks by using 2 controllers at once, to get double truck action. Well right under our noses. there was a secret that only a few knew...
Well, no more thanks to this helpful tip from "" on YouTube sharing a tidbit of information about his dump trucks. Here is the original video:()
I am only now beginning to realize the possibilities of "RC Vehicle Linking" (not an official term - but something I have been referring to it as), and I'm sure as a community we can certainly see the potential that binding multiple RX's can have. Also - the dangers. I encourage you to all me safe when binding multiple receivers .. and to always have your wheels off the ground, or your vehicle unable to move when trying this. I was certain of this working with the stock vehicles and the equipment I chose.
To think the entire time we could have been learning how to run two trucks at once with 1 Radio! At the end of this video, I ponder how many other hobbyists will now attempt linking their radios to multiple trucks.
Yes, the difficulty is high.. and really might be for advanced hobbyists.. but imagine the fun you can have! Now you can compete against yourself - and set up way different challenges. You are your own winch pal, out on the trail.. now you can have your OWN Convoy! Piggy back your trucks onto one controller, and be your own driving partner.
The Trucks I am using in this video are an Axial 1.9 Wraith, and a Vaterra Ford Bronco. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it was for me to do this. No modifications where needed, other than to switch the receivers to the new "Sport" 6 channel RX's. I though I needed specific "flight" RX's.. but it turned out that that these new Sport Models are all I needed! Sweet! I will have extra channels for accessories for both trucks.. (IE: Lights, Winch, Sound, etc..)
I know a lot of viewers ask me about the products I use in my videos - so here are some helpful Amazon affiliate links to get you started:
(** A Special Shoutout to Action Hobby in Calgary, Alberta Canada for allowing me to grab a few shots of my purchase! **)
(Orange) Axial Wraith:
My Blue Truck is a Bronco - but here is a similar "Vaterra" Chevy:
Spektrum DX8 Transmitter -
Spektrum AR620 6-Channel RC Sport Receiver (x2)
Gens Ace Lipo Battery - 3s 11.1v 4000 mah:
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