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RC ADVENTURES - The MAGiC of Radio Control - Why I LOVE this Hobby!

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The MAGiC of Radio Control - What is That?! Let us Demonstrate. #Bashers, #Crawlers, #Airplanes and MORE! Strangers become friends, #Friends become Family..and the #Family becomes #COMMUNiTY. Have you ever wanted to just belong to Something?! This is the type of hobby you really will enjoy. This hobby knows NO Age Limit.. Young and Old.. we can all be reminded that life is to be enjoyed, shared, laughed at, and to feel apart of something you can truly let your heart grow with.
This is one of my ALL TiME Favourite films that we created back in 2012 and now Re-Released in 2018. In fact, my friend Aaron (AKA ROOKiE101 - ), and I were discussing this film just a few weeks ago... and was the first film that he had "appeared" in. He helped me fix up my Losi 5T after the 25' High Jumps I was making it endure in another film. After looking back into my archives.. I remember I was forced to remove this wonderful memory from my video catalogue.
This is another "Lost Film" that had the music falsely flagged in 2014. YouTube had a surge of fake "music networks" flagging peoples content even when they owned the music they made. If you could not prove you made the music - the video risked being having community strike.. so I removed it. Of course, with Murphys Law - it was only days later I found my music files. So, I held on to them, and this footage for a day I could re-upload it. I'm proud to show it here today!
This film features some old friends of mine, from "back in the day!" some of you may recognize Crawler Ted, Jim, Ryan.. and other folks that were all attending an RC "Jimboree", outside of Calgary. The event was put on annually by one of our good friends Jim at his acreage. Jim was a Demolition Derby driver, and you can even see some of his cars in the background. Really cool.
What a wonderful #memory.. I am glad to share it with you all.. again!
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