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This 3 Motor, GiANT 5' Radio Control Crane is Pure Genius | RC ADVENTURES

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Everyone, WELCOME David Jr back to the SHOW! Today for me, and our viewers - he has brought back an UPGRADED, hand-made, Radio Controlled Suspension Crane to demonstrate for our viewing pleasures. This thing even has an Electro Magnet! Now, I have had this crane for a few years - and it was a special project that David and I worked on creating. At the time, he was only 16 years old when he conceptualized this with his Dad, his Mom, Me, & Jem. David had already worked on Project Overkill with me, as well as the Black Widow. This project was meant to test his capabilities and to teach him new things, like Brazing. David is an incredible example of how ingenuity and passion for a hobby can conceptualize and execute difficult builds. Now 2.5 years later, David has had an idea to increase the accuracy of the boom. When we first completed this project, the only thing that made is difficult was the speed of the boom. No amount of exponential would help slow it down and give us the proper accuracy. So, we have now installed an Axial SCX10 based transmission (Axial SCX10 is an RC Trail Truck), to better help the sensitivity and accuracy needed for a crane of this size. By installing this addition transmission - David has geared down the boom for better speed control, and torque. I can't believe the improvement in performance! From the Cab, to the Worm Gear Carriage, we cover it all for you in this video. Also, a highlight of this crane is the Electro Magnet that was constructed using a full sized Trailer Brake! Genius!
The motors are Tekin based, and so are the ESC's. We used multiple esc's to have precise control over each motor. The main lift motor is a Tekin T8 1400kv Brushless, powered by a 3s Lipo Battery - through a Gen 2 Electronic Speed Control. The transmission it is hooked to is a Super Shafty "Bomb Proof" Axial Transmission. The carriage is working on a worm gear drive system, powered by a Tekin 35t brushed motor & FXR ESC. The Boom motor is a Tekin 45t brushed with an FXR ESC, and is geared with an Axial Transmission.
The radio system is a Spektrum DX18 Transmitter & Receiver combo.
Really cool that David made it down to the ranch to show off the outstanding work he did on this crane.. it truly is a work of Art!
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