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THE BUILD iS COMPLETE! Now I must give my final thoughts on the build series, the LESU P360 model excavator itself, what I Loved about the model and what I would like to see improved. Much like any build / assembly, there are many pitfalls and valley's but also many peaks and apex's along the way. This build is full of both.
Firstly, let me say for more information about LESU products visit their Facebook page here:
Here is the distributor I use in the USA:
Let's start with what I loved about this kit.
1) The instructions are 95% correct
2) The Hydraulic Rams are some of the best I have ever seen. They seem well built with very little areas to leak.
3) The slew gearbox is ON POINT! Excellent control of the rotating turret and cabin.
4) The inline motors in the track assembly are fantastic. Lots of torque, and plenty of speed. This is important when the machine weighs as much as this excavator does. Approximately 35lbs.
5) The tracks seem durable and strong, as well as the entire lower half.
6) The Cab fitment, as well as the Arms, Superstructure and bucket are amazing. The Bucket Teeth are beautiful, replaceable, and so are the side cutters. Just Wow!
7) The brass really POPS on this model.. its an eye catcher!
8) It is SO SMOOTH to Drive!!
Things that could use improvement -
1) The Cab Mirrors were welded incorrectly. I removed them before this film, but there was no amount of twisting or turning, or flipping that would make them work. They were just done wrong.
2) A very concerning part of the instructions was the failure to point out a pressure relief pin, that appears in the instruction box to be installed by the factory. Ours was not.. and caused us significant problems.
3) There was no instructions sheet on how to setup the hydraulics. IE: the Brushless ESC settings, the brushed settings, or the servo settings. All of these things needed to be figured out by the user. This could be very tricky for the inexperienced builder:
a) consideration has to be given to Multiple ESC's (ie: over-power to the RX),
b) End point adjustments for the servo's,
c) Speed settings for the Pump Motor (ie: punch start, brake, etc..),
d) Radio Mixing to control the Pump
e) How to set the Pressure Relief Pin, and acceptable limits for Hydraulic pressure
4) A way to see how much Hydraulic Fluid is in the tank
5) An overflow valve that doesn't leak into the electronics bay
6) A larger return tube for the Hydraulic fluid system
My circumstance was difficult, as I believe there was a flow issue within my Valve Block, or an issue within the Pump. The issue may have been caused by us not knowing about the pressure relieve pin that was discovered after 8 hours of troubleshooting. Heat and Pressure were my enemy in my final build video, but wanted to explain it here, and how eventually I decided to pull the entire system and run a separate one. Now, everything flows so smooth, it's like butter!
I think this machine is a solid 8/10. I only give it this high rating because of the quality of the build. I think if the pump issue is not a systemic issue across the board - then this model will do very well.
Now that I have all of the bugs worked out.. although I am disappointed I had to replace the pump system, it was an upgrade overall.. and Im pretty pleased.
For those that are wondering, this is a kit that I unboxed on my channel a few weeks ago... Here is the link to the original video:
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