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I knew that if I was going to unbox something for the new DECADE - it better be BOSS. Last year on the YouTube GOLD mine site I did the math behind the amount of dirt we were moving, and it turns out that if we had an extra Wheel Loader on site, we could turn up production time. Last year, we had one wheel loader loading the hopper/feeder and then we would have to pull it away to load the other trommel trailer. That was a huge time waster. Of course, many people would say that YouTube GOLD is a huge time waster, but that is exactly why we do it. Hah!
In this video I also discuss some of the issues we have been facing on the channel since the inception of the COPPA Rule from YouTube and the FCC in the USA. We took it upon ourselves to mark our channel as "Not Made for Kids", one of two options that YouTube presents. Since our content has always been for any age to enjoy, inspire and entertain. After checking with our legal team, we felt this was the necessary thing to do to be in compliance. Since this time, we have seen a drastic change in views, for the worse. We have lost about 60% of our viewership, almost over night.
Now, we here at the studio know that there will be people that say its our content, and maybe thats the case,. But being on the platform for more than a decade, we can definitely see across our library of more than 1500 films - there is a change that has been made by the algorithm..
Regardless!! I have no plan in stopping my show, even if only a handful of people are watching, because I have always enjoyed entertaining you all, and sharing a passion I have for a wonderful hobby!
I hope you enjoy this video about a great White Wheel Loader, and now you have something to look forward to seeing in action!!
1/14th scale
Minimum turning radius:300mm
Maximum turning angle:38°
Maximum digging power:In theory 35KG
Battery:Suggest buy 3S 5200mAh,30C,Size not exceeding 130*45*35mm
5 hydraulic cylinders, the new metal wheel side planetary deceleration bridge has 2 axis, all steel gears, 4 metal wheels and 4 fetal skins.all steel power set (including 2 telescopic drive shaft and a all steel brushing wave box), 1 Quick-Connect,1 fork.
Custom hydraulic system, brushless gear pump and digital steering gear reversing valve,1 set lighting,1 set sound.
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