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RC ADVENTURES - Stuck Semi Truck & Front Loader on Triple Axle Trailer with Dump Truck

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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - Yes, I drove all 3 RC's while filming at the same time. This is my second time using the this Front Loader - and the COLD weather (-10f) certainly affects the Hydraulic Fluid. The Loader is more "Jerky" because of the sub-zero temperatures Can you believe the loader is actually 14 years old! It is an original Graupner 1:15th scale Hydraulic Loader. The Noise you hear coming from it is the Hydraulic Pump. I have it on a variable knob so I can control the pressure. (Same in the Dump Truck) This loader turns with a Hydraulic piston, not a servo. The only servo's on this unit are Micros, that control the Hydraulic Flow Block.

The Tonka truck I bought off of eBay, and makes for a good practice truck. The soul purpose of this truck is to have a stationary vehicle I can learn to use this loader with, properly.

Any construction RC (much like other styles of RC) takes a lot of practice to get a good "flow" or a rhythm. I have had about 1 hour of practice in total with this loader - but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I am glad I have experience with my excavator - as that was a good starter to wrap my head around hydraulic kits.

For those who are wondering how much these go for - they vary in price, depending on who makes it, and the quality of the RC. The one in this video is no longer in production.. and is a rare find. I paid close to $4500 - but to me, it's worth every penny. It's a limited edition & I love it! I have wanted one for years, and jumped at a chance to buy it on eBay. Some construction loaders can go for between $8000-$15,000, or More!! Crazy..

You can certainly find ones for less, and a company called RC4WD is releasing one that is a more friendly price of around $3000. Still, I know - it's steep. But, it's all up to the hobbyist. There are even less expensive ones.. but the quality changes.

I got the DUMP Truck at - they are an awesome online store for heavy equipment!

I hope you have a bit of information that can help you on your quest!

For me, it's back to the construction pit to remove some snow...

Where I get my RC's:

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