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Hats Off To Baba Charlie's Malacca Nyonya Pai Tee!

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They call it "Pai Tee". It  just looks like a pretty delicious top hat filled with a small serving of "lobak" (white carrot), topped with fried onions and a choice of sweet or spicy sauce. This is a popular Nyonya snack that is infectious! Small in size but big in taste! A lot of hard work is put intoi making every single one manually, not by machines. First the  crunchy, crispy "top hats" are made with a brass mould dipped into hot  oil. This takes a bit of skill and right mixture of ingredients. Then they are filled with the small bits of white carrot shreds, some bits of scrambled eggs and topped with some decors to go. Bravo ! Have a happy Pai Tee day when you are at Malacca's famed Jonker Street !
Seni - Arts
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