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Japanese Supermarket Tour with Food Prices | Buying Groceries in Japan

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Join us for a Japanese supermarket tour in Nikko as we showcase all of the different food items you can buy when you're shopping for groceries in Japan. One of the best budget travel tips for those visiting Japan is to regularly eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from either a supermarket or convenience store. If you visit later on in the evening or even late afternoon certain items will be discounted at 20, 30 or even 40% off the original price. This is especially true for items like sushi and tempura.
We noticed in the fruit and vegetable section that certain items can be really pricey including items such as apples and watermelons and oranges out of season. However, bananas are cheap as are many other vegetables such as carrots and leafy greens.
The best bargains for Japanese food items in a grocery store in Japan are definitely the prepacked meals including items such as sushi, tempura, sashimi and takoyaki to name just a few. Certain Japanese snacks such as shrimp crackers are also delicious as well if you're craving something salty.
In terms of beverages Japanese Sake and beer are most common but these days they also have a big foreign wine section where you can buy red wine from Chile as an example.
Overall, touring a Japanese supermarket is fascinating and one of our fondest memories in Japan was just going a few times a week to get groceries. Have you been to a Japanese supermarket before? What were some of the best bargains you fond and what did you find expensive? Let us know in the comments below.
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Japanese Supermarket Tour with Food Prices! Buying Groceries in Japan:
If there is something you need to know about Sam it is that he loves supermarkets wherever he goes. I love supermarkets. Anytime we're visiting a new country or even a new city for that matter I have to go in and check out the supermarket. And not just to get the essentials. I need to go through every aisle. Now that we're in Nikko, Japan take a look at this. There is a mountain behind the supermarket.
We're going to be going inside and showing you guys what a Japanese supermarket is like. This is our first supermarket tour in Japan so let's go check it out. Supermarket tour. He's got his little basket.
Grocery shopping mission accomplished. Yep. So price point was 2,515 Yen which was just under $23 US dollars. I think that is an absolute steal.
Look at all of the stuff. Two bags full of food. It includes wine it includes food it includes fruit. Vegetables. Snacks. So yeah that is going to be more than just one meal obviously. Yes. The wine should last us a couple of nights.
Here is the supermarket with the mountains.
I think we're going to go back and eat this and maybe go for a walk later. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this Japanese supermarket tour. Please let us know you thought was the most interesting part if you've tried any of these items or you would like to try some of these items. Bye for now.
This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese experiences.
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