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Justin Bieber PUNCHES Man Who Choked Woman at Coachella 2018 Party

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Justin Bieber came to a woman’s aid this weekend at a Coachella Party when he noticed that she was being assaulted by what appeared to be an abusive ex.
Umm… you probably knew this already, but Justin Bieber is a TOTAL hero!
That’s right, you guys! Justin attended a Coachella party on Saturday and although Coachella’s all about the good vibes, things ultimately took a turn for the worse. According to TMZ, a man grabbed a woman by the throat and would not release his grip, and that’s where Justin stepped in.
According to the reports, QUOTE, “Justin and his friend started screaming at the guy to let her go, but he only screamed back ‘Go f*** yourself’ … maintaining his grip. At that point, Justin hit the man in the face and pushed him against the wall… allowing the woman to break free.” WOW.
TMZ also reported that sources at the party said he appeared to be on drugs, and that the woman may have been his ex-girlfriend. Regardless, the man was kicked out of the party a short time later for, well, obvious reasons, which only set him off even more.
Apparently, once he left he began chasing down an SUV because he thought Justin was inside. TMZ said, “He was screaming Justin’s name as he began hitting the vehicle.” Luckily, it didn’t take long for the police to get involved, who eventually arrested the man. Not gonna lie… it’s what he deserved. Don’t you think?
Wow… so what do you guys think of Justin’s little altercation at this Coachella party? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click to the left to see what we packed for Coachella on Beauty break, and, as always, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News! Thanks for watching, I’m your host Zoe Lillian and I’ll see you next time!
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