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Justin Bieber STILL Has Selena Gomez Tattoo?!

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Bieber might be happily engaged to Hailey Baldwin, but he will always have a piece of Selena Gomez with him—literally.
Despite breaking up for the final time a few months ago, the singer still has a tattoo of Selena on his wrist. The tat, which Justin originally got done in April 2013, features Selena wearing a low-cut dress and angel wings.
During an off phase of their on-and-off-again relationship, he did try to cover it up. In 2016, he told GQ QUOTE: “This is my ex-girlfriend,” pointing to the tattoo. “So, I tried to cut her face up with some shading, but people still know.”
Talk about awkward! But Justin doesn’t seem to be too bothered. In an Instagram post he made back in April, the singer wrote QUOTE: “Over a hundred hours of art work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN.”
At least Justin doesn’t care, but he hope Hailey isn’t bothered by it either. You know, Justin and Pete Davidson would be really good friends. They both just got engaged, they both have similar styles and they also both have the same regret of tattooing their exes on their bodies. That sounds like something to bond over.
But what do you guys think? Do you think Justin will ever cover up his Selena tattoo? And would you love to see him and Hailey go on a double date with Pete and Ariana? Let us know down in the comments. Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Sinead de Vries. Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don't forget to subscribe to our channels.
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