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Selena Gomez Hints At BREAKUP With Justin Bieber In New Song & Hailey Bieber Claps Back!

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Finally, after years of patiently waiting, years of sifting through the rumors and speculation of just how and when it will happen, Selena Gomez has finally released a new song.
What’s up everyone it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and today is an exciting day because we get to talk about our girl Selena dropping her new single “Lose You To Love Me” and I’m not gonna lie, I felt goosebumps, tears, chills and joy all at the same time listening and watching her clip. I’m going through so many emotions, and judging by all the reactions online, I’m not the only one.
First off, let’s start by saying that this song is so perfectly Selena - the crooning vocals, the catchy melody, the deep vulnerability. It’s what we’ve come to love about her and reminds me of some of her older songs like Back to You or Sober.
That’s just a little snippet, but I highly suggest you go and listen to the whole song after this.
Luckily for us, it came with a whole music video too - and can you belive it was all shot on an iPhone!?
And when you do give it a listen, maybe you’ll agree that she is singing about Justin Bieber afterall.
I mean, the song, as the name suggests, is all about ending a toxic relationship and the time it takes to heal afterwards, learning to live with yourself and eventually love yourself the way that you loved that toxic person.
And that’s what Selena does best - expresses her emotions in a raw way that only music can convey.
Justin and Selena have been officially broken up for more than a year now, but just like the song says, it takes time to heal.
‘Lose You to Love Me’ starts off saying “Set fires to my forest/ and you let it burn/ sang off-key in my chorus/ cause it wasn’t yours.”
So right away I’m thinking that Selena is talking about another singer.
She continues by singing “I saw the signs and I ignored it/Rose colored glasses all distorted”
And the next line is what really gets me - she says “Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn”.
I mean, remember Justin’s last album “Purpose” that came out in 2015? I’m hoping Selena is being literal here - I picture her taking her old CD and throwing it into a bonfire in her hundred acre back yard.
Because you know what, I don’t blame Selena for writing this song about Justin or any of her exes (if that may be the case)! It’s no secret he really put her through it time and time again. This must have been a cathartic release for her. And she’s putting it all out there.
Like when she sings “In two months you replaced us, like it was easy”.
And to me this is THE damning evidence that this song is about Justin. They officially split in March of 2018, remember when they were seen biking all over together?
Well, in June of 2018, that’s when WE found out that Justin and future Mrs. Hailey Bieber were back to being a thing.
So give or take 2 or 3 months.
And if the Louis Vuitton slipper fits… it’s a jab at Justin and how quickly he replaced Sel!
This was the first official single for her upcoming album - the first official album we have gotten since 2015’s “Revival”
And people are loving it.
And don’t think that Justin and Hailey haven’t noticed.
Hailey actually got some flack from people on the internet for posting an instagram story minutes after Selena’s song went live!
Right after midnight on the east coast when Selena’s song dropped, Hailey posted a screenshot of the song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker.
An innocent, late night listen? Or a not-so-secret hidden message towards Selena?
I mean, you know Hailey had to click out of that push notification that Spotify sends out whenever there’s a hot new song out - like Selena’s.
Do I think Hailey is actually threatening Selena’s life? No! But it’s weird timing, don’t you think?
She, like the rest of us, will just have to get used to the fact that we’ll probably never hear the end of Jelena...it’s a fate that will follow us for the rest of our lives. Like Ross and Rachel or Jon and Kate Gosselin.
So let’s hear from you guys. What do you think about Selena’s new song? Do you love it as much as me? Do you agree with Taylor that it’s her best one yet? Most importantly, do you think it’s about Justin? Let me know in the comments below.
And then while you’re down there leaving comments, we would never want you to lose us to love us over here at Clevver. Hit that subscribe button so we can make this a forever thing and hit that bell so you never miss an update. I’m Sussan Mourad and Ill see you later.
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