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Justin Bieber Teases 'Life Is Worth Living' & Dances With Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber Teases "Life Is Worth Living" & Dances With Selena Gomez!
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Justin Bieber gives us a preview of his newest song "Life is Worth Living" - and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm your host Chelsea Briggs coming to you from Hollywood and you're watching the Hollywire Hot Minute!

Could this be Justin's new outlook on life? I mean -- we sure hope so! Putting all his legal woes aside, J-Biebs hits up the studio to focus on new music, and even shares a snippet of his newest song which I think we can all agree is way more positive than the most recent tunes he's put out.

And while we can't be sure, many people are speculating that his change in attitude may be due to the fact he's been spending more time with Selena...it even looks as though the pair are totally back on. I'm guessing you guys all caught this video Justin posted on his Instagram which he quickly deleted.. But I mean... screen capturing is a real thing... enjoy!

Okay guys what are your thoughts on Justin's new song, and more importantly this very hot video?! Let's talk it out in the comments and don't forget to subscribe!
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