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Kajang's Satay Discover : Willy Satay @ Ramal Food Court

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Mention Kajang and everyone knows that this is the town of satay. Manaweblife shares a discovery that has been around for many years and has a strong following online. Located at the famous Ramal Food Court is Willy Satay. The sign says " The taste you will never forget “. Indeed, there is always a queue here once it starts business from 9am till mid nite. Come with lots of patience and order some other food from the nearby stalls while you wait for your satay. They even have a digital queue numbering system. It could take from 25 minutes to one and a half hours ! The servings include chicken, beef, lamb, stomach innards and lontong. The secret seems to be their special marinate, gravy or sauce that is a mixture of sweet and thick. Most intriguing  is the aroma of the BBQ that you will be able to sniff as you drive by this food court.The video shows the tremendous amount of sticks of satay. Online mention states that it could add up to 10,000 sticks a day prepared and sold. 
Start the new year by joining the queue for probably the best Kajang satay around.

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