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Lima Fast Food - Eating Peruvian Hamburgers at Bembos in Lima, Peru

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Come join us for fast food in Lima eating various Peruvian hamburgers at Bembos in Lima, Peru. Peruvian fast food features some uniquely Peruvian burgers and other menu items that you can find at Bembos Hamburguesas. With Audrey still feeling a bit under the weather and swollen from having her wisdom teeth removed it pretty much left me as the sole person to try all of these Peruvian burgers. Here is the exact menu we ordered at Bembos:
1) Chicha Morada purple corn Peruvian drink X 2
2) Peruvian french fries with Aji Amarillo Sauce
3) Hamburguesa Bembos A lo pobre (Grilled hamburger, fried egg, fried banana, white onion, tomato and mayonnaise)
4) Hamburguesa Bembos Huachana (Burger with Egg, potato chips, mayonnaise, sausage huacho and lettuce.
5) Hamburguesa Bembos Salchepapa (Burger with Cheddar cheese, hotdog, BBQ sauce, potato chips and gherkin sauce.
6) Ice cream with Doña Pepa cookies and chocolate sauce
7) Ice cream with cua cua cookies and manjar blanco sauce
Lima Fast Food Restaurant Information:
Address: Av. Larco N° 1080, LIMA, Miraflores 18, Peru
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11a.m.–2a.m.
Phone: +51 1 4191919
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Lima Fast Food - Eating Peruvian Hamburgers at Bembos in Lima, Peru Travel Video Transcript:
Good afternoon guys. So we are heading for some Peruvian fast food. We are going to be trying some Peruvian style burgers and we are heading to a place that we visited two years ago. Yes. This place is called Bembos.
We are about to have a major burger session here. I know. 3 of them. Three of them. And I'm going to be eating most of it. Yeah and the cool thing about Bembos is that they have very unique burgers with a bit of a Peruvian twist. Well yeah they are Peruvian style burgers. Yeah. Like for instance this one is called the Salchipapa so basically if you take a look inside here you'll see like the cut up hot dog. Okay. And then you've got your small papa fritas.
Number 2. And this one is the most jacked of the three. It has the most ingredients inside. So this one is called Bembos lomo a la pobre. We open it up and you see we've got mayonnaise on top we've got our egg. Yeah, fried egg. And this is the coolest part in my opinion. The fried plantain. Yeah. And it is usually a little bit sweet if I remember correctly and underneath check out all of those onions guys and then tomatoes. So that should be a really juicy burger.
last but not least we are having I think it is called the Huachana burger. Huachana. Ah, Huachana. Okay so this burger right here has egg. Yeah. It has got those crispy little potato chips in there. Right in here. It has mayo. Yep. Um and lettuce. The burger. What else did I say oh the sausage. Salchicha de huacho. It is a type of sausage.
Time price point. It came to 65 Soles which right now is roughly $20 US dollars. That was a lot of food. I'm just going to recap what we had. So that was 2 Chicha Morada drinks. We had 3 giant burgers. They were medium sized but they were massive. A thing of fries and two desserts. So I thought that was pretty good value. Roughly $10 dollars per person. Yep. And yeah um I wouldn't normally come and eat three burgers. That is pretty good fast food and if you're going to come to Peru and you're looking for something like unique and you want to try Peruvian style kind of fast food this is definitely the place because Bembos has all of these different types of burgers. Like we didn't even order all of the ones that you can get here. So definitely check it out and we'll see you guys in the next food video from Lima, Peru. Ciao for now.
This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.
Únete a nosotros mientras comemos hamburguesas peruanas en Lima, Perú en Bembos.
Music by Kevin Macleod:
Dokumentari - Documentary
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