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Miley Cyrus Dissing Selena Gomez On Instagram?!

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Miley Cyrus Dissing Selena Gomez On Instagram?!
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So is Miley Cyrus really dissing Selena Gomez in her latest Instagram picture?? Well that's what people are saying! What do you think? I'm your host Chelsea Briggs coming to you from Hollywood and you're watching the Hollywire Hot Minute! 
Okay so it's no secret that there's a bit of tension between these two - There was the whole Nick Jonas stuff and then of course Justin Bieber…which is why some fans are convinced this picture Miley posted on Instagram, where she is seen clutching a copy of Sel’s super hot and slightly naked V Magazine cover issue, is a little weird. But is it??? I kinda think people are just trying to stir things up! In fact if it was any other celebs on the cover, it wouldn't be a topic of conversation. 
And we all know Miley does regular work for V Magazine -- it's part of her job to give the mag a little promo, what if it's just that?
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