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Miley Cyrus Vs. Justin Bieber: Hottest Fan Kiss?!

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Miley Cyrus Vs. Justin Bieber: Hottest Fan Kiss?!
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Holy Kiss Cam, guys! It's the year of The Smooch! Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are getting fresh with fans, but who do you think wins the kiss-off?
OK, so first off: these are kind of the luckiest fans ever, right? RIGHT!? Hoo! Yeah. Both Justin & Miley puckered up with fans, but I wanna know who you think has the best moves?
Justin Bieber instagrammed this pic with the caption of "She told me to give her a kiss on the cheek and she turned lol #cheeky" CHEEKY INDEED. That is downright bold, girl! So obviously Justin was the kissed in this situation and not the kisser, necessarily but it's still a pretty good looking lip lock. I wonder if this trend will keep on, huh?
Now onto Miley's tongue... I mean Miley Cyrus. She's made it a habit of kissing, well, everyone. Seriously, she kisses fans and Katy Perry alike! After kissing a fan in Las Vegas, she made sure to clear the air by tweeting "I wasn't wiping off your kiss pretty girl just your dark lipstick that was all over my face. Thanks for coming to the show mystery babe" Miley has proven once again that she won't stop!
OK, so who do you think the better kisser is and who would you want to kiss you!? Talk it out below!
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