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WTF! Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber Fans Go Too Far!

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WTF! Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber Fans Go Too Far!
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There's nothing wrong with being a superfan, buuuuut sometimes there are superdupercrazyintensefans that make regular superfans look bad. There are break-ins, assaults and threats all done by supposed fans. Seriously some people have to tone it down a notch, WTF!

Fans be creepin. This weekend a teenage fan snuck into Miley Cyrus' dressing room in Nebraska. He left a note in the dressing room asking Miley to meet up with him and then tweeted at Miley. Fortunately it was the day before Miley's concert so she wasn't there when that happened because real talk: that would have been creep-to-the-e.

This isn't just a Miley problem. Just last week fan was found in Justin Bieber's Atlanta home asleep in one of his bedrooms. Like, WHAT? You sneak into your idol's house so you can take a nap? And those two freaky incidents happened in the past WEEK. But this stuff is happening to celebs WAY too much lately.

Let me just break down a few examples of Fans Gone Wild:
• Taylor Swift took out a restraining order on a fan claiming to be her husband 
• Selena Gomez has a 3-year restraining order on a 46-year old male stalker
• Rihanna has a restraining order against a fan that tried to break into her house
• Demi Lovato was attacked on stage with fans trying to hug and make-out with her 
• Beyoncé was pulled off stage, head first into the crowd 
• A fan broke into Liam Payne's apartment and stole a pair of his underwear.

It's one thing to idolize a celebrity, it's another thing to terrorize one. Seriously, these are people just like you and me. Wouldn't you be freaked out if you came home to a stranger sleeping in your bed? Didn't we learn this lesson from Goldilocks? 

As for my WTF lesson of the day: Love em, don't smother em.
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