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NEW Capt. MOE & his 1ST SPEED BOAT EXPERIENCE - Traxxas Spartan #ProudParenting | RC ADVENTURES

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Here we are, 1 Year later - Now NEW Capt. Moe is 4.5 Years old and has been eye balling the speed boat ever since we unboxed it last month! This is a Traxxas Spartan speed boat. It is going to be powered by a 4s Lipo battery - and Capt. Moe has NEVER RUN A SPEED BOAT BEFORE! So.. to get hime ready, we re-visit the Aquacraft Fire/Rescue boat to get his mind wrapped around how Radio Controlled boats operate.. then, we give him the Spartan!
What a champion.. I am so proud of my little man. He is clearly out boating me already..and is ready to take over my YouTube show.. hah! That is what Dads are for.. leading by example, and getting the young ones ready for all the different scenarios that life will bring them in their lives. I have to often remind myself to be very patient with my son, becuase of his young age. Sometime I find myself learning more about "how to be a dad", then what I was trying to teach him. This is a part of the magic that is offered in this great hobby we call "RC" !
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