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NikkieTutorials Sends FIERCE Message To Her Blackmailer!

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Yassss girl, you certainly did! Nikkietutorials has returned to youtube after her emotional coming out video where she was blackmailed into revealing she’s transgender. But let me tell you, this beauty guru is not letting anything that happened get her down! In fact she is ready to take down her blackmailer if they even think of coming for her again!
What’s up guys, I’m Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and if anyone has the right to be angry, it’s certainly Nikkie Tutorials. But in her return to Youtube after telling the world she’s transgender -- timing of a choice she didn’t make herself -- Nikkie has decided NOT to enact revenge against the person who forced a coming out video.
The video titled, “Responding to My Coming Out.,” is the first video since Nikkie posted her now infamous “I’m Coming Out” video just two weeks ago. The makeup expert decided to answer some questions circulating about herself and the identity of her blackmailer -- and she did it while applying an amazing look!
But Nikkie made one thing clear: while she appreciates the outpouring of love and support since sharing her truth, she wants people to stop looking for the person who forced her coming out story.
According to Nikkie, there’s only one person who should get to expose the identity of the person who attempted to ruin her life and career. HER!
She said it at the top of her video! SHE’S taking her power back! On everything regarding her life and story, INCLUDING her blackmailer.
And guys… she knows exactly who it is. Nikkie explained that police helped her not only figure out who did this to her, but she’s got ALL the info she needs. She’s got their name, phone number, email addresses, and even where they physically live.
But Nikkie has decided NOT to reveal any of this to her fans or to the press. She explained that because she has so much information on the blackmailer, she has the power to destroy this person’s life. But she won’t do it.
I mean… WOW. Taking back the power and then using it for good!
Nikkie recently sat down with Ellen to chat about coming out. She always wanted to share the truth with the millions of fans who follow her online, but explained she didn’t know how. Take a listen to how she describes being forced into telling her story.
Ellen said it, and we’ll say it too. You will, Nikkie! You already have! And you’ve got SO much support surrounding you.
The youtuber emassed a staggering 32 million views on her original video and the story trended all over the world! Most people respected her decision to release her story on her own terms. And now they’re honoring her wishes to not give the blackmailer any more attention and move on.
This youtuber commented: “Consider us blessed, that we get to listen and learn from your wisdom, kindness and maturity. You’re changing the world, Nikki, and I’m excited to see what the future looks like.”
Nikkie ended her video by thanking fans, just like that one, for their ongoing love and support through what she described as the most surreal period of her entire life.
Alright guys, let’s talk this out!
Do you think Nikkie is making the right decision by NOT revealing her blackmailer’s name and not wanting to punish this person for what they did to her? Obviously, it’s her choice, but we’re curious to know what YOU would have done.
And also, how awesome was Nikkie’s makeup therapy session??
Let us know in the comment section down below! And be sure to hit that Clevver News subscribe button cause we’ve got all the latest happening in Hollywood and beyond!
I’m Sussan Mourad, thank you so much for watching!
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