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Pitch Perfect 2 Review

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This is how you kick start summer! It is rare to find sequels out there in Hollywood that actually work and give you something fresh and new, and sadly if you think Im going to say that Pitch Perfect 2 doesn't deliver, you can aca-excuse yourself because you've come to the wrong place! This movie is aca-awesome.
In case you didn't know the Bellas of Barden University are back, pitches! -and they're still being led by the adorable and oober talented Anna Kendrick's "Beca" but right out of the gate we find out that the girls are in a little bit of trouble and are put on probation for a pretty gross and aca-awkward stunt that Rebel Wilson's fat Amy tried to pull off on stage. The girls, not willing to give up their voices, decided to enter themselves into The Worlds Acapella Nationals Competition. The stakes are higher you guys, and the Bella's are definitely still the underdogs and have to really work hard this time around to team bond and "find their voices" again ESPECIALLY if they are going to beat the legendary and epic German a Capella team das Sound Machine.
YEAH - They are really good - and speaking of das sound machine -you all will probably be happy to know that our youtube friend and Pitch Pefect newcomer Flu-la definitely gets a lot of screen time in the film- but sadly he didn't get as many lines as I had hope'd he get but the ones he does have are pretty hilarious
And speaking of newcomers - I want you to mark my words right now that Hailee Steinfeld (who is definitely a great actress) is soon going to be a superstar! She NAILED her role as Emily, the awkward but still super charming freshman, and if you ask me she moved Anna Kendrick out of the top spot as one of my favorite characters in the whole movie. AND ...she can Saaaaang!
If you were hoping for some lip locking, chart topping romances, well there are a couple of those seasoned throughout the movie. But trust me, you're gonna be laughing so much you're not really going to care too much about the love stories.
There are a pitch ton of lol worthy moments delivered thanks to Fat Amy, Bumper, Lily, Staci, Benji and a newbie Bella, Flo and of course Keegan-Michael Key who is a gut busting, slaying, comedic powerhouse in this thing, but the biggest laughs come by way of Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgin's characters who are even funnier and more inappropriately ridiculous this time around, and can we all just give it up to Elizabeth Banks for being such a boss by not only starring in this movie but also simultaneously directing it. Who run the world
And for those of you out there looking for a good pitch perfect sing off, this movie not only delivered but it stepped up the game and gave us some serious musical mashups TOSS
And they are guaranteed to make you dance in your seat like a complete idiot - I know there was a girl in my row who did that.
I had a blast watching this movie, and while it is very predictable, a lot formulaic, and you absolutely know how it's going to end - it is a really fun time. And you gotta see it
PS, I won't ruin it but there's a hilarious end credits scene that you gotta stay for
So, who out there is headed to see Pitch Perfect 2?!? Let us know in the comments and if you want to get warmed up for the possibly love story between Bumper and Fat Amy – then you can click right here to see Rebel and Adam kiss each other – true story. Thanks for watching. Im your movie host Erin Robinson and I will chat with you lovely people on twitter.
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