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Back in 2014, my good friend Everett (the 5th Scale Boss) and I released the first video of the finished "Project Large 2.0" after an extensive video build series on YouTube. In fact, it was the 600th episode of RC ADVENTURES: . Today is #episode1430 ! I can not believe it.. and here I am 5 years later thinking its TIME TO BRING BACK LARGE!
I am managing my Crohns a bit with diet and rest.. and I have the energy to get this beautiful truck back up on the bench for a revitalization. First thing is first. The Front arm is dangling.. and thats no way to treat a race truck! I have some Turtle Racing Delrin Arms that are VERY pliable under pressure and should not snap during the lifetime of my truck. I picked these up at a while back in preparation for this film. I figured it would be a nice change of pace from all of the GOLD and Scale Truck adventures we have been having around here.
But before anything.. I need to get out the pressure washer and clean off this beauty rig. Unfortunately it was put away with a bit of dirt on it.. an its been sitting for about 2 years. Fortunately, it was already well lubricated and cared for, before my last usage. All it needs now, is a good cleaning and lubrication.
I also need to swap out the ignition wire in the coming episode.. same with the rear body post mount. I want to pull the engine and give it a good overview.. and make sure its in top running form. Not a big deal, and it gives me something to look forward to! I hope you join me in the coming episodes of RC ADVENTURES!
Now get outside, and enjoy some RC!
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