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RC ADVENTURES - LiTTLE DiRTY 2016 Canadian Large Scale Mixed Class Racing Day - Track, Test & Tune

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Click to Subscribe! ► - RACERS READY! TRUCKS ARE READY?! Good Times had by all! We have been rained out several times this month, so this LiTTLE DiRTY was open to a lot of my friends who wanted to come down and check out some 1/5th scale racing. I didn't get to do much racing again this year, as I was focused on capturing some amazing film footage. Also, you may notice (for those who follow the show), that I have been planting grass and small plants on the track. This move was done to stop soil from eroding as quickly from the wind and elements - as well as to absorb water from rain.
This film is a mix of all the races that occurred during the day. There is no order, or qualifying - as really, we are all there just to have fun. The BiG DiRTY is a race that will happen in the coming months, and will have timed laps. This is more of a test and tune kinda day.
A Mixed Class was necessary to get everyone out having a good time. As we had to postpone a few times, we lost some racers due to previous plans.. but this was a good opportunity for all who attended to "get their feet wet", meeting new folks, testing their trucks, and more.
So much dedication, perseverance and passion went into making this day happen. Most folks came out to give me a hand to get the track looking so well. Heck we even had to pump standing water off of the track the evening before. June and July are our Thunderstorm months! But, even the dirty old race track needs a good wash from time to time!
Heck, in this video.. you may even get to see me fly a pretty fun trainer plane...! THANKS LUKE!
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