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RC ADVENTURES - DiSCOVERiNG the CAPO ACE 1 4x4 RC Truck / Rock Buggy - 1/10th Scale Triumph Testing

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*PLEASE NOTE* This is my FiRST time driving this machine, and I do not know its nuances or the limits yet. It is a cold day, and the snow on the ground makes my new, never-run tires seem quite stiff.. but, just like a good pair of running shoes needs breaking in - so do new tires.. Things like this is what todays discovery film is for. At the time of this filming this RC truck/Rock Buggy is PRE-RELEASED from CAPO. It's called the "ACE-1". It is a 1/10th scale Electric rig, that I am running on a 11.1v lipo battery.
I have brought this truck back from Hong Kong on a recent trip put it too the test and discover its capabilities. Today my goal is to put it through some of my rigorous paces that a trail run can take me on. Articulation, Climbing Ability, Trail Maneuverability, and Power are a few of the things I will be putting to the test. Also, the Drive Train and Suspension. Many folks have asked about the Steering Cables and if they will be a hinderance on the trail. For this, I will leave it to you to decide from the footage here in the film.
Many viewers have asked me what I think the price would be. When I was at the Asian Scale Invasion 2016, I was told it was going to be priced at less than $1000 USD. We have yet to see a price release from CAPO, but I hope I heard correctly.
I figured a narrative was the best way for me to communicate my true experience with you, instead of a music video, or an overly edited film that just highlights the fun of a trail run. A test is what we are after.. and I did my best.
A few scratches is the penalty I pay for this trail run today.. my beautiful buggy will never be the same. BUT! It was worth it, and the excitement of the hobby is it's own reward. Also, I know so many of our viewers really wanted to see a good trail video ;)
For those who are concerned about "how I treat my rigs"..
This Ace-1 was gifted to my by Capo, to use in RC Adventures. They encouraged me to take it out and put it through real world tests - just like others would use it. So, as they asked.. I use it the way I would attempt to use it any other time I was out. I feel as though it gives our viewers a more real and true-view experience of what a rig can do. I have Not been paid by Capo to do these videos.
I love going out and having fun with RC! Real-world style :) I am here to entertain the viewers with the Hobby of Radio Control. I agree, it was also painful for me to watch this beautiful rig get banged up today.. but parts can always be replaced, and body panels can always be repaired ;)
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