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Taking the New Volvo for a TEST DRIVE: A40G Rock Truck Winter 2019 -15c 1/14 scale | RC ADVENTURES

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This is the newest edition to our arsenal for getting pay dirt to the plant this year on "YouTube GOLD". This is the Volvo A40G Articulating, Hydraulic, Electric Rock Truck. I unboxed this beautiful truck with my son in the last episode. If you would like to see it, here is a link:
This machine weighs approximately 50 lbs is what I would estimate. When I bought it, the ad read it was 75 lbs, but I dont believe it is. This is running on a 3s Lipo Battery, at about 12v. It is hydraulic fluid, and has a pump located under the hood. This was a limited edition model, and is currently not available for sale.. as they sold out quickly. I pounced on it when I had the opportunity, at the end of 2018. I had to wait 6 weeks for it to be built.
The model is 6x6 (meaning 3 driven axles), they are all open differential. This makes for some creative driving in slippery conditions.. but as this is my first time out - you can see that with a little ingenuity and careful driving the truck can basically crawl anywhere. I think with a loaded dump bed, this machine would have mad traction.
I did not put a load of dirt in the back because everything is frozen! It is -15c when I filmed this video.. and the ground is solid. Some snow I guess.. maybe next time! In this kind of cold, my excavator does not like to function.. the hydro fluid just gets too cold to move properly.
Hope you enjoy these cool angles of a very amazing machine! Who wouldn't love a HUGE YELLOW DUMP TRUCK?!
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